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Values centered
on People

Here, we believe that amazing work is done by amazing people. This mindset reflects on our values, which are the foundation of all relationships within and without the organization.

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  • Icone de pessoas conectadasPersonal connections
  • Icone de mãos dadasPartnership
  • Icone para novas soluçõesConstructive solutions
  • Icone com pessoas dando a mãoUnderstanding and respect
  • Icone para novas ideiasLearning in all situations
  • Icone de mãos se segurandoTrust
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Innovative organization model

Exacta is innovating internally, by becoming one of the first Brazilian companies to implement the Organic Organization - O2 model, a social technology that enables and incentivizes self-management.

This technology leaves behind hierarchy and traditional work positions. The basic assumption is that organizations are living organisms and, therefore, dynamic. In that light, it allows for experimenting with different types of structure and rethinking authority arrangements.

One of the pillars of the model we adopt are the Meta-Agreements. They make it possible to define roles anchored in responsibilities. Each role seeks to meet real demands and is guided by an inspiring purpose.

By becoming an Organic Organization, Exacta takes another important step towards accelerated, efficient and, above all, sustainable growth.

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Commitment to the team-members

Exacta is highly committed to the well-being and development of each member of our team. We actively seek to build an organizational environment that is healthy and guided by communication and cooperation.

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Exacta is a very welcoming environment, with a culture that puts people first. In addition to giving me great professional opportunities, it is also a place that has contributed to my personal growth through good relationships and learning about life.

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Rebeca Albuquerque

UX/UI Designer