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We do much more than software.

Our projects have impacted <color>over 35M users</color>

We do much more than software

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  • Building the digital future with people’s strength.
  • Bringing a value-generating transformation to businesses and organizations
  • Ideating and materializing digital products associated with inspiring experiences.
  • Assigning tech teams that make our clients shine.
  • Promoting agile growth with disruptive ideas and social practices.


Market Giants that trust Exacta

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At Exactaworks we do much more than software. We build tailored tech solutions to help each business overcome its challenges.

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Mobile Apps and Web Platforms Development

Mobile Apps and Web Platforms Development

Hire teams of highly qualified professionals for management and execution of development projects and count on our full support for expanding your development force and turning your ideas into reality.

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Agile Businesses Consulting

Agile Businesses Consulting

Receive aid from specialized professionals and take the implementation of agile methodologies to improve performance in business and operational areas within your company.

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Digital Products Discovery

Digital Products Discovery

Rely on the strength of professionals that master the most modern techniques and tools to help your team mature ideas and plan the construction of new digital products, for internal or external users.

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Creative, engaged and connected people. A team in tune is what sets Exactaworks apart.


Personal connections
Understanding and respect
Learning in all situations
Constructive solutions

Exacta is a very welcoming environment, with a culture that puts people first. In addition to giving me great professional opportunities, it is also a place that has contributed to my personal growth through good relationships and learning about life.

Rebeca Albuquerque

UX/UI Designer

Are you looking for the <color1>ideal partner</color1> to <color2>turn tech projects</color2> into reality?

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By working with Exactaworks, your company has the support of qualified professionals at all stages of the process - from maturing a digital product idea to developing a platform or app.

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